The technology being used by Træde Group

Cutting edge technology that provides outstanding oportunities.

We are developing a permisioned blockchain system or distributed ledger that aims to allow users to trade and transfer digitised real assets. Being permissioned means we have no anonymous users or servers.

People can have any online name they like and identity information is not public but all entities are registered and known internally and applies to our computers and servers as well as users. This allows quick "consensus" or agreement on transactions and ultimately aims to provide for hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, matching systems like Visa and paypal. 

Our Roadmap Summary

Below is a quick tally of where we are on our journey. Details at bottom.

Gold / Silver Trading90%
TWallet Development40%
POS Blockchains / Sidechains 60%
Gold legal regulation and company formation100%
Federated blockchain systems40%

Why Us?

Dedicated People

The Træde team is made of dedicated industry profesionals and imaginative "at the edge" millenials who together complement and support each other. It gives a unique chracter to our innovations which are both cutting edge and grounded in realistic hard core developments.

Industry partners
A Compelling Vision

08 Feb 2017

Gold Trading -Register Company $ Legals

08 Feb 2017

12 Mar 2017

Gold Vaulting agreements in place

Our Team

Dedicated team members, peers and top advisers.

We have a clear vision of what is possible and the best path towards our goal of distributed trading, transfer and ownership of digitsied real assets

Our Partners

The groups we partner with worldwide