About Us

The TRAEDE organisation proposes a decentralised peer-to-peer trading and transaction network including a decentralized exchange, for online funds transfer and trading of commodities, currencies and digital assets.  Recent volatility in the Crypto landscape has highlighted issues that need to be addressed if the Cryptocurrency networks, blockchains and infrastructure are to reach ordinary people as more than a high-risk gamble. Rapid advances in blockchain technology especially within Ethereum on top of the significant technologies of EVM and smart contracts are pointing to the possible uptake of non-crypto assets on the blockchain.

We believe the ability to trade physical assets like gold or national currencies reliably, securely, quickly and with low fees will tip the balance for Blockchains and the Crypto infrastructure into the mainstream. We intend to provide a staged entry of a wide range of asset classes onto an Ethereum based blockchain and make a high throughput distributed trading platform that can trade any digitizable trading pair be it ownership of physical commodities like gold or silver or trading fiat currencies such as US dollar or Euros as per a remittance network, shares in companies or crypto coins and tokens.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team includes both full time professsionals as well as qualified and exprerienced Advisors and system experts. 

John Hansen
John HansenCEO
Kate Tong
Kate TongAdministration
Peter Munckton
Peter MuncktonFinancial Advisor
Madhu Joseph
Madhu JosephFinance and business development
Ian Robertson
Ian RobertsonChief of R&D - Lead Developer
John Shi Nash
John Shi NashAdvisor
Jay Patel
Jay PatelLegal Advisor
Rita Trang
Rita TrangMarketing
Chinh Do
Chinh DoGraphics Design
Bernard Orenstein
Bernard OrensteinAdvisor
Colin Earle
Colin EarleDevelopment Advisor
Kris Crnomarkovic
Kris CrnomarkovicCTO
Kevin Griffin
Kevin GriffinFinancial Advisor
Adam Mackellar
Adam MackellarDeveloper

Our Mission statement. To allow anyone anywhere to control,  diversify and manage their own financial assets and financial future.

Our vision is based on a world where people can securely, easily and independently share, trade or transfer assets on the internet as easily as sending a email to friends now.

People should have secure, verifiably stored assets that can easily be managed, traded or transfered anywhere in the world.


The TRAEDE platform is developing a Distributed Exchange (DEX) mechanism and open source API for the Træde Wallet (TWallet) holding asset-backed value including support for cryptocurrencies. The TWallet will have the ability to use Træde asset tokens on the decentralized, public Ethereum chain.


Discover the vision and roadmap for Træde Group

The Træde platform includes a Distributed Exchange (DEX) mechanism and open source API for the Træde Wallet (TWallet) holding asset-backed value including support for cryptocurrencies.