Our platform TRÆDE can trade Digitised real assets like Gold Silver, national $ £ € ¥ as well we Integrate with INCUBÆTE the Startup Crowdfunding Platform

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Why Træde?

The Træde Platform is a tailored blockchain based system with exciting cutting edge features that allow secure trading of digitised real or virtual assets over the internet.


We use different types of blockchain for different uses. High performance, permissioned or various Consensus models POW , POS are available


The blockchains are tailored to the usage of the wallet and its owner. So payments use a payments blockchain Trading $ to Yen uses a "trading" blockchain whose primary tokens are $ Yen pairs


Allows trades to happen via the blockchain, with Currencies like $, € or crypto like ETH or BTC


trade Dollar, Euro or any national currency and crypto pairs

Trade Gold Online
Træde Chinese
Træde Platform in Chinese


Allows trades to happen via the blockchain, with Currencies like $, € or crypto like ETH or BTC


The iWallet are "smart" wallets that know which Blockchain systems to connect to.The users don't need to know the details. They select what and who to trade with and the wallet does the rest, connecting smart contracts and relaying cryptographic receipts


Phase 1 We intend to trade Gold Silver, phase 2 currencies, phase 3 Shares derivatives.

Our RoadMap

The technical direction we are heading in and our milestones as we work towards a global system.

Why Us !

The Træde framework has predefined features and options that you can use for secure, reliable trading.  

We support the user

Banks come and go but we are part of the community. Our system is Peer to Peer and anyone can connect to anyone else.

Secure System

All systems have been hardened and checked by Security Hub systems engineering

24 / 7 365 days round the clock

You can trade when and where you want  across the globe and in any timezone .. we are allways available and online.

Extended Financial Options

Ability to do payments, escrow, trade, transfer, gift and hedge in a huge variety of assets

Everything for trading

The Træde platform has a mix of technologies that allow us to customise the platform for different uses.

High Throughput

The system allows hundreds of thousands of transactions a second.

Some use Cases for the Træde Platform

Easy to use

The Træde platform has been designed for many financial uses and by implementing the permissioned EVM financial Dapps can now be made that work with normal currency like dollars Euro and Yen. Smart contracts can interface with everyday funds and be accepted anywhere those funds are legal tender.


Some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

How it works

The Traede Group is developing a platform that networks a tailored mix of blockchain technologies for the creation and trading of digital assets both real and virtual, providing stable tokens with low fee processing.

Trading of all these digital asset pairs will be via a high throughput peer to peer trading platform that will use a tailored combination of our technologies to maximize security and minimize transaction fees.

Importing digital assets into the Traede network will be verified by digitally signed contract certificates that verify each step of our asset origination, custody and audit process. We call this process OVA (Origin, Vault, Audit).

Built-in Security
Træde tokens TRDE
TWallet and API
OVA and proof of existance
Træde Foundation
I was eagerly waiting for the final release of Træde since the day I heard of it. It is exciting to be able to interface the world of smart contracts and code with the finincial world of national currencies.

Supporters of the Træde Platform

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